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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Good morning AMD students, and welcome to the blog for our class. Tomorrow we’ll be meeting at the National Gallery, 380 Sussex Drive, under the watercourt at 11am sharp. Please be sure to buy a ticket ($7 with student card) and to check your coat and any bags, so ideally you will just be carrying a notebook and writing instruments in keeping with NGC library policy.

In the spirit of this class I strongly encourage you to take notes integrating text and image. You can do that with a pen for the first part of the class, which will be a tour of the 20-odd galleries that I reinstalled in my capacity as Curator of European & American Art. Art installation is an example of multimodal design, plus it relates to the Museum as Discursive Space studio taught by Jonathan Hale, which half of you are taking. I am delighted that Jonathan will be joining us on the tour, and I encourage you to check out his exemplary website bodyoftheory.

The second part of the tour will be a visit to the NGC library where you will need to take notes with a pencil as we will be looking at rare materials including riches from the Art Metropole collection.

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